Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation

We are authorised Installers Of Power Perfector PLC Energy Saving Systems

Why do you need to optimise your supply?

Electrical equipment (such as motors, HVAC and lighting) performs inefficiently when exposed to excessive voltage and poor power quality. Take a normal 230V rated lamp – when run at 240V, it will fail after 550 hours instead of 1000, drawing nine per cent more energy. Now imagine that problem spread across an entire site, with every single component failing faster and wasting energy. That’s expensive and can be corrected with VPO.

Voltage Power Optimisation cuts your energy use by up to 20%, reduces carbon emissions by up to 15%, your maximum demand by up to 10% and prolongs the life and reliability of all equipment in your premises that runs on electricity - from a £500 laptop and HVAC to a £1m lathe or printer.